Original Racing Team is the Grand Prix of all Piaggio dealers and garages. The teams will compete online to conquer the coveted Super-final-prize: the Jerez 2020 Grand Prix.
Skills required:
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Web Design

Piaggio Group is one of the best known Italian automotive brands. Together with Vespa, Moto Guzzi and Aprilia, Piaggio represents a brand of international importance and has a widespread sales network and garages all over the world. Through a portal, Italian retailers can create their own team and participate in the competition, challenging each other with turnover and increases compared to the previous year. There are intermediate prizes but the goal is to win the Final-Super-Prize: a weekend, all inclusive, with the whole team at the Jerez 2020 Grand Prix !!

My task was to create a UI of a portal that allows the Piaggio Group dealer to discover the competition, register and monitor its performance through a dashboard on his personal page. Together with the other team members who were involved in the development of the project, I devised the navigation architecture of the site and all the characterizing elements of the competition through a shared Design System. Then I enriched the UI with animations and interactions to make it smoother and with more appeal. Eg:

Due the coronavirus the competition has been postponed to 2021 so the site has not been developed yet.
A mobile App is on the way...
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Francesco Brocchieri
UI and Graphic Designer
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