How to transform a 60's iconic product in a brand new functional, modern, minimal, stylish Apple Watch face.
Skills required:
Graphic Design

As an inspiration, I took one of the most iconic object of the 60's Italian design: the "Formosa Calendar" of Enzo Mari. I've always had a soft spot for this object since i was in University. It represents a product of true industrial design: durable, reproducible, understandable and recognizable. A perfect example of style and functionality. The result is that even after more than 50 years the Formosa Calendar is a modern product that proudly furnishes our homes and offices.

Perpetual wall calendar was designed by Enzo Mari in 1963. The 'Formosa' Calendar has become an icon of the 60's but is also a timeless, essential object. This piece, incredibly graphic, displays a smart design that combines both visibility and easy use. Numbers, months and days of the week have been printed on metal slabs that are suspended on a support. You can turn them by hand, day after day, in order to form the correct date. This perpetual wall calendar is not limited to one specific year – it will show the day of the week for any date, whatever year it is.

After reading the Ezio Mari biography I started observing the original calendar and I underlined some characteristics. As most of the project of that time, it has a simple but rigorous grid and the font is Helvetica. The metal slabs have slots to be hanging to the support and have rounded corners. The colors are strictly black, white and red. Following this path I started building a digital version.
A dark background is preferable because of the black face of the Watch.
Color combinations can be limitless..
Even system's elements change simulating real actions.

So far, due to the strict Apple's guidelines, the watch faces are closed to third-party developer. Unfortunately no one else but Apple can design it. Special editions such as Hermès and Nike are exceptions that easily show us that this is a specific marketing strategy.

Anyway this was an exciting design adventure for me. I realized how good design is always silently present in our life and how it affects our mindset. Rediscovering the work of the great designers who left us their masterpieces is always a great way to pay homage to them but overall a necessary exercise to inspire our imagination. I can't wait to delve into the extraordinary history of the iconic design again.
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Francesco Brocchieri
UI and Graphic Designer
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